our concept

our concept

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the safar group offers hybrid logistics engineering, an alternative offer with a range of expert, inter-connected solutions
the safar group is a gear in the flow distribution system, whose mechanics offer the agility you need in the phygital world
the safar group is a key player in 360° global logistics, the future of trade, commerce and society 4.0

Every day for 15 years, the safar group has been connected to the developments in the market
the only constant is a permanent state of change

A view on the sector in 2018:
digital platforms in goods transport and logistics

After rocking the world of people transport and the travel sector, intermediation and collaborative platforms are revolutionising goods transport and, in general, the entire logistics chain.

The number of digital platforms available has exploded since 2016. Built to cut through the opacity of the market, these e-players of the transport sector are perfectly positioned to take advantage of an increasingly digital supply chain. But these platforms are now seeking to become middlemen between transporters and their clients, and are competing directly with freight exchanges and brokers...

However, what these new digital players offer is a reactive service: they only seek to manage transport flows, and only cover a small portion of the delivery circuit. Their offer is completely dissociated from logistics production.

The safar group offers expert management across the entire length of the logistics chain, connecting practical intelligence with artificial intelligence, providing omni-channel management which covers every distribution circuit and the changing face of phygital systems.


our key facts and figures

30 million euros in turnover
3% growth
15 years’ experience
6 subsidiaries
200 employees, with 1/3 managers
2/3 of the employees have industry or client expertise
2/3 international flows
1/3 e-business flows
50/50% “merchant” and “non-merchant” business
1/3 of contracts in 100% Full Service
2 000 clients, with 50% in France
1 000 referenced partners
99,8% satisfaction rate - quality / losses
80% client loyalty over 10 years
20 specialist operations units per industry
100 000 m² logistics space
180 advanced storage points
35 partner network operations sites
4% of turnover allocated to research & innovation / innovation and training
1% of turnover allocated to CSR
3 000 hours monitoring technological developments
900 users of our IT solutions / SaaS applications
40 management Web Shops
2 million product references
60 robots - EDI
1,4 million delivery flow lines
2 million order preparations and logistics kits
28 million orders prepared

our business code

corporate social responsibility


Transforming the offer means changing the business relationship between each of the various participants.

The safar group is harnessing this drive towards shared collaborative management with their partner charter label, HELLO:

  • win-win 100% transparent
  • the right price 100% good value
  • money back 100% choice of your resources, 100% obligation for a result
  • tailor-made 100% adapted, 100% à la carte
  • full service 100% global offer
  • innovation 100% collaborative tool
  • risk management 100% anticipation
  • CO2 gambit 100% environmentally friendly
  • real progress 100% commitment to performance and progress
  • welcome pack 100% economic reasoning

communication is king!


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